From Squla to Chapter

The people who want to retrain one billion workers

Chapter — De mensen die 1 miljard werkenden willen omscholen
Challenges in the labor market

One million school kids in the Netherlands know Squla. The platform that has made learning a whole lot more fun & effective.

And now, the creators of Squla have turned their attention to retraining. Because to make the world future-proof, we need to retrain one billion people over the next ten years. Retrain them for work that has meaning and that people feel like doing.
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Our mission

Time for a new chapter in reskilling and job matching

Everyone has the right to a nice job. To do work that you are proud of, that energizes you and that allows you to continue to develop yourself.

We want to give people insight into themselves. Who am I? What can I do? What do I want? We want to train people for an interesting job and give them employment guarantees. We want to focus less on diplomas and more on skills. We want people to master new skills in a fast, accessible, practical and affordable way.

We don’t believe in long and expensive reskilling processes. We believe things can be done differently. That’s why we’re starting a revolution in retraining. We believe in micro-learning: short, fun lessons that you can do in your own time.

Let’s make reskilling more efficient and effective.

Let's start a revolution in reskilling.

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Our team

The people behind Chapter

André Haardt


Rutger Laman Trip


Niels Schultz


Martijn Luijks


Romée Gramende